A Letter from Student Trustees

A Letter from Student Trustees2022-01-21T13:36:51-05:00

A Letter From Kenzy Soror and Nicole Vishkin

As Student Trustees, we acknowledge how uniquely challenging this year has been. We are proud of the adaptability and resilience each WRDSB student has demonstrated amidst the turbulence of the 2021-2022 school year. We recognize that fighting barriers to create an inclusive space is an effort that requires patience and humility, and we are grateful to play a part in this process alongside the continuous efforts of stakeholders across the school district.  

Our role is to represent students at the Board Table and ensure that student voice is the focal point of every decision. We are also honoured to work alongside other dedicated students in bringing student voice to WRDSB committees, including the School Naming Review Committee, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Group, French Immersion Review Committee, Policy Working Group, and Environmental Sustainability Committee. 

This year, we wanted to shift the idea of student leadership into one that encompasses every student, so we have revamped Student Senate. It is now Student Roundtable: a more inclusive and engaging platform that invites every student from all senior elementary and secondary schools to advocate for themselves, their peers, and consult with Board staff. In these meetings, we encourage students to discuss topics relevant to them such as equity in board policies, social justice issues, mental health, and inclusive representation, to name a few. Our Student Trustee Instagram (@wrdsb_students) and emails are additional avenues that are available for students to reach out for support, ask questions, or provide feedback. We thank WRDSB staff for their help in realizing our vision and look forward to their support as we continue to develop this platform.

2021 was a year of change and resilience. Continuing to face the challenges of the pandemic, it is essential that the WRDSB places student success and well-being at the forefront of every decision. 

Moving forward, we will strive to make the best out of everything 2022 has to offer. We will continue to search for opportunities to advocate for students and engage a more diverse student body. As Student Trustees, we believe that student input is invaluable to the WRDSB and welcome every idea brought forward in the future!

Your 2021-22 Student Trustees,
Kenzy Soror and Nicole Vishkin

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