Construction Technology – Connecting from a Distance

Construction Technology | Connecting from a Distance

Following the March 13 emergency closure of schools, staff worked swiftly to move our entire system online with unprecedented speed and dedication. To help tell these incredible stories, the Connecting from a Distance video series was launched. In each video, Kylie Penticost, Communications Officer, speaks with a WRDSB educator to see how they have adapted their teaching and learning environments to remote realities.ย 

In this video, Penticost speaks with Shawn Boyes, a construction technology teacher at Huron Heights Secondary School in Kitchener.

Boyes shares how he has shifted a traditional hands-on, in-class course to allow his students to do, see and explore, safely, in their own homes. He kept students engaged by posting varied lessons for them to try at home, such as the task of planning out which tools they would purchase to outfit themselves in the real-world.ย 

โ€œThe same learning opportunities are available,โ€ said Boyes. โ€œItโ€™s just a different landscape.โ€ย 

Traditional tech and trades are difficult to imagine being taught remotely, but Boyes has used this opportunity to reinvent the way he delivers the essential learnings while keeping it timely and fun.

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