Operational Goals
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Operational Goals

We are committed to a culture of transparency and accountability. We recognize that achieving the desired outcomes of our strategic plan will require much more than developing goals and establishing targets. Our ability to monitor the implementation of our work and make use of evidence and data to inform our decisions and strategies will be central to the effective completion of our strategic plan.

In addition to making consistent use of evidence and data to monitor our work, we will prioritize the wellness of our staff and students. We will work collaboratively to improve our learning and working environments in the best interest of student and staff well-being.


Increase the percentage of students achieving at provincial standard by 8 per cent yearly on Grade 3, Grade 6 and Grade 9 applied EQAO mathematics assessments for three years.

School districts across the province have placed a greater emphasis on mathematics the last few years, and the WRDSB is no exception. Many of the strategies we have identified to support this goal is already well underway.

Key amongst these strategies is our effort to improve classroom instructional practice of every teacher who teaches mathematics across our system. A recently introduced strategy is to support administrators in their knowledge of mathematics instruction and explicitly supporting them as leaders of change in their schools.

Graduation Rates

Within 3 years we will increase our five-year graduation rate by 5 per cent through the implementation of an evidence-based K-12 strategy.

While we are in the early stages of gathering the necessary data points for this operational goal, a plan is in place and we will see our strategies begin to take hold in a few years.


All students and staff will be supported and affirmed in the areas of cognitive, emotional, social and physical well-being with the acknowledgement of how these contribute to self and spiritual well-being.

Our work in this area is taking an integrated approach that focuses on providing positive learning environments for all students.