Our students are first – each and every one
Our students are first – each and every one banner

Our students are first – each and every one

Our students experience a sense of belonging in a caring and inclusive learning environment that addresses their well-being.

We are committed to honouring and respecting all of our students by creating an environment where they feel included, valued and treated with dignity. School-based safe caring and inclusive school teams support the promotion of a positive school climate within our schools and community.

We are committed to preventing bullying and disrespectful behaviour in our schools. Our Bullying Prevention Policy sets a clear tone that bullying will not be tolerated.

“Our schools are safe spaces for everyone that walks through the front doors and we’ll continue to create inclusive, safe spaces, and ensure the well-being of all students and staff,” said John Bryant, Director of Education.

Our students pursue individual learning pathways that reflect their interests, develop skills for the future and inspire global citizenship.

We believe that schools and staff have an important role to to play in innovating the future through the way we are educating our students today. The future is full of new possibilities and advancements, and we want to ensure that our students are prepared for the realities of what the workforce and our world may look like after they graduate. We want to support students in developing critical thinking and independent learning skills that with prepare them for their futures.

We offer System Designated Specialized (Magnet) Programs designed to meet the needs of our unique group of students. These Magnet programs help support individualized learning, promote educational excellence and help a student’s transition to a specific post-secondary destination whether it is work, college or university.

Our students succeed in reaching their potential and graduating from WRDSB high schools and programs.

Through the introduction of new technology, special programming and customized support, we build students’ confidence as they face the future. It is important to us that every student experiences a caring learning environment that encourages their success. When a student’s optimal learning potential is affected by behavioural, communicative, intellectual or physical exceptionalities, special education support is provided.

We strive to provide educational opportunities that encourage all students to develop their individual potential in the most enabling environment. Our Alternative Education program offers opportunities for student success in a flexible learning environment. We focus on student achievement by creating an alternative learning environment that addresses the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.



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