Our culture of innovation builds students’ confidence and success as they face the future
Our culture of innovation builds students’ confidence and success as they face the future banner

Our culture of innovation builds students’ confidence and success as they face the future

Our learning environments include all students and their diverse perspectives and ideas

We celebrate the contributions from our diverse community of staff and students. Supporting diverse perspectives in our schools is an important part of student achievement and well-being. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive learning environment free from inequity and discrimination.

Black Brilliance: Redefining the Colour of Success

Our Equity and Inclusion Policy underscores our commitment to providing inclusive programs, curriculum and services. We strive to create an environment for our students and staff that values independence, dignity, inclusiveness and respect. We are continually making improvements to remove barriers in our schools so that all students and staff experience a sense of belonging.

In pursuit of this goal, in the fall of 2018 we hosted the first student conference for African, Carribean and Black identified students. Black Brilliance brought students from across the district together for a full day of workshops and mentorship opportunities at the Education Centre.

Our students, staff and community are supported by creative and collaborative problem-solving

Whether it is high tech innovation, or social innovation that is changing our society and communities to become better places to live, work and raise a family – we know our purpose as a public school district is to inspire our students to see the potential in themselves to contribute in a meaningful way to their community.

12 Days of Giving

The 12 Days of Giving campaign highlighted the outstanding efforts of schools from across the district who went above and beyond in working to make a difference for those in need during the holiday season. From fundraising campaigns, to hosting free dinners for the less fortunate, our students truly demonstrated the giving spirit.

Our school communities are encouraged to learn by exploring new and innovative projects, ideas and approaches

From Kindergarten through to Grade 12, we are innovating the way we teach and learn, so that our students can become the next generation of innovators. We foster a culture where new ideas are welcomed and considered. We want to build our student’s capacity to think critically and problem-solve creatively.

Collaboration and innovation through coding

Collaborative relationships with community partners in the technology sector create extraordinary learning opportunities for our students. In January, elementary and secondary students were invited to the offices of Desire2Learn in Kitchener to share apps they had created with the help of D2L senior leaders and software developers. Expanded technology in schools and classrooms, with the help of our community partners, sparks inspiration for innovation in students.




Our Students are First  Partners in Learning