Letter from Student Trustees
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Letter from Student Trustees
George Kenyon and Kimia Shaban

Waterloo Region District School Board has always stood for innovation and social advancement in comparison to other school boards in the province. The source of our success story creating an innovative education for students in Waterloo region is a very capable team of leaders who strive to fulfill the desires and needs of as many students as possible.

Our success this year could only be achieved by efficiently moving in the most strategic direction as possible. While valuing each students individual achievement, we as a school board appreciate every authentic diverse group of individuals that collectively represent the region. We are motivated to include even more groups of people as the region continues on its path to further diversification and competitive adaptation.

This year as student trustees we have participated in numerous ad-hoc committees, including the French Immersion Committee where we are given the opportunity to reflect our personal experienced with French as a second language within our school board. It is through these opportunities that we are able to empower students so that their voices can be heard, and we can move forward towards our future goals as a school board.

We believe that engaging directly with the student body allows us to review what the decisions of the whole board of trustees have on the student body and opens up space for encouragement from our students. By succeeding in the present and by thinking into the future, we plan on retaining our momentum in prospering as one of the top competitive school boards in the public sector of canadian education.

Through Student Senate we are able to meet with students from various secondary schools, giving us the opportunity to learn different perspectives on certain policies and procedures. We are able to unite as a student body and move directly with our school board to ensure the more than 63,000 students in our board feel heard, and appreciated.

We are proud and honoured to work with the Waterloo Region District School Board as we work towards the betterment of students and to ensure all students within our board feel heard and welcome.

Kimia Shanban and George Kenyon
WRDSB Student Trustees