Director’s Message
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Director’s Message
Jayne Herring and John Bryant

This past year has brought both accomplishment and excitement to the Waterloo Region District School Board. Three years into the implementation of our strategic plan, we continue to be pleased with how far we have come on the path towards accomplishing our strategic priorities and operational goals.

We continue to live our commitment to equity and inclusion by ensuring that our students are first – each and every one. Creating this experience for all of our students, staff and families involves an ongoing process of identifying and addressing the barriers that some experience as we endeavour to deliver a world-class public education to the students and families of Waterloo Region.  

WRDSB educators, staff and students play a central role in maintaining and growing the culture of innovation in Waterloo Region. Our classrooms continue to evolve and improve to ensure our students are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the world into which they will graduate. The future is always just over the horizon and together, we are guiding our students and our community toward a more innovative future.

Educating our students is not a task undertaken by any single individual. Our staff, families and caregivers are all partners in every student’s learning journey. We know our purpose as a public school district is to inspire our staff to see the potential in every student, and to help our students imagine these futures for themselves.

Our Board of Trustees continue to be essential in providing staff and the community with the support they need to ensure that together we reach the targets and aspirations of our strategic plan. They regularly invite broader community voice into important dialogue around public education in our region and how we can improve the already exceptional service we deliver to our students. With their guidance and leadership, we can continue to offer an outstanding service and quality learning to our students and their families, while striving towards a brighter, more equitable and innovative future.

There are countless reasons to be proud of this past year, as we look ahead to 2019 with great ambition and optimism. Together, we are innovating tomorrow by educating today.

Jayne Herring
Chair of the Board of Trustees
John Bryant
Director of Education

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