Embracing technologies to launch future leaders
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Embracing technologies to launch future leaders

To ensure students have the knowledge and skills for jobs of the future, we use technology to support learning and instruction in and outside of the classroom. We believe that technology can help support our overall “six Cs” approach to develop students’ character, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and citizenship.

Technology uses concepts and skills from other disciplines, like science and media, to meet a need or solve a problem. Technology can spark curiosity and encourage students to learn through exploration and experimentation. We are expanding technology in classrooms to support improved learning and instruction. These include digital tools such as Chromebooks and online applications like G Suite for Education.

“The promotion of technology and different learning tools enables us to achieve the ministry’s expectation of high levels of achievement,” said Graham Shantz, superintendent. “Using existing and emerging technologies inside the classroom will allow us to create successful pathways for all students.”

Our digital learning strategy is innovative and exciting, but also models responsible use of technology. Our emphasis on digital citizenship promotes character development and responsibility in a digital world. This means demonstrating online integrity through respecting intellectual and technological property rights, as well as protecting the security and privacy of ourselves and others.

We are committed to improving learning and instruction, through the use of existing and emerging technologies. Visit our website to learn more about the Digital Learning Strategy.