Our staff, families and caregivers are partners in every student’s learning journey
Our staff, families and caregivers are partners in every student’s learning journey banner

Our staff, families and caregivers are partners in every student’s learning journey

Our families and caregivers are supported in creating the best possible outcomes for our students

The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) supports, encourages and enhances meaningful parent involvement at the board level to improve student achievement and well-being. The PIC also acts as an advisory body, and provides an important link between parents, the director of education and trustees.

We know that our families are partners with us in every student’s learning journey. In support of our families, in April of 2018 PIC hosted their 7th annual parent conference titled Parent Engagement for Innovative Education and Student Success. More than 100 people attended the event and had the chance to learn from keynote speakers Marsha Vanwynsberghe, Life Adversity Coach, and the Honourable Bardish Chagger, MP who shared messages of self-care and the importance of support networks for students.

Our staff is equipped with the skills and resources to support every child in their learning journey.

Raising our consciousness of Indigenous peoples in Canada

By embracing an attitude of care and support, we seek to understand and meet the needs of those who we serve. Through reaching out and listening to our community, families and educators, we build collaborative relationships to achieve common goals. Our staff is committed to working collaboratively to advance student achievement in the classroom.

For the 2018-19 school year, we continued in this spirit with the implementation of monthly learning sessions for all WRDSB employees focused on raising the consciousness of Indigenous peoples in Canada. These learning opportunities, created in response to The Truth and Reconciliation Report, offer the chance to hear from members of the Indigenous community first-hand and learn about the territorial lands on which we live and work.

Our Staff is supported in their wellness as they promote and model wellness for our students

Suddaby PS is an Outstanding Housing Community Leader

Every student is entitled to beneficial learning environments. We know that students succeed when they feel safe and supported in school. A healthy school climate leads to greater student success. That is why we embrace an attitude of care and support, especially when it comes to our students and staff.

We know that in order to provide support and care for our students, our staff needs to feel supported and cared for, as well. This past year, we launched two new digital campaigns designed to provide staff access to resources, for both physical and mental wellness. These include helpful tips and strategies to support them throughout their day. 


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